Course organization: One on one personalized tutorial online, with follow up for one year.
Course cost: GBP 250 or local currency equivalent.
Module 1: Composition, in which you learn how to look at a scene to determine what would be the most effective way to record it. In this module, I cover storytelling in photography, Gestalt theory, many different composition rules, lighting, use of space, color, movement, contrast, leading up to how to take landscapes, street scenes, and portraits. For this module, all you will need is any camera, set to P or A mode. I believe that, until you understand the art of composition, there is no need to understand more complex camera functions. Your homework will vary depending on how quickly you progress through the module but will require you to shoot different scenes as instructed. You will be able to do this with any camera (even a phone).
Module 2: Camera settings, in which we begin to understand how a digital camera works. For this module, you will be required to shoot with a proper camera (not a phone!) that allows you to change settings. We will cover the PASM dial, how to shoot in shutter and aperture priority, what ISO means, how a camera sensor processes light, leading up to how to control the recording of a scene in full Manual mode, which is what most professional photographers use. Your homework will be to shoot different scenes, using the appropriate settings for each one.
Module 3: Post-processing. The prerequisite for this module is that you will have to subscribe to Adobe CC's photographer's package, which, depending on which country you live in, varies in cost between US$12 to US$20 per month. For that subscription you get full access to the latest (and continuously updated) versions of Adobe Lightroom (where you will do 80% or more of your processing) and Adobe Photoshop, as well as a range of other goodies (the ability to publish your own website just like this one, for free). In this module, I will teach you DAM (Digital Asset Management), or how to best store and manage the thousands of photos you will eventually take. Then we will cover how to do basic and advanced image processing in Lightroom, how to do additional tweaks in Photoshop, how to use Nik plugins, and, optionally, how to use Luminar 3 as a plugin to both Lightroom and Photoshop, or even as a complete replacement for both, should you not wish to commit to the Adobe CC subscription (but you will have to purchase Luminar!) This Module will be specifically designed around YOU as the Powerpoint files will include YOUR photos as I take you through their digital development. Therefore you will have to send me RAW images (not JPGs) of the photos you have taken in the course of your previous homework.
I will send you all the content (Powerpoint slides, or Keynote, if you request). Then, at a time that is mutually negotiated and convenient to both of us (bearing in mind that I am in Thailand), I call you on Skype/WhatsApp/Line/Viber/Telegram/FB Messenger and I will teach you through the slides. At the end of each session, you will have homework to do before we move on to the next session. This will be in the form of you taking photos and sending them to me via Dropbox. In the following session, I will critique your work and progress on to the next module.
Additional support: I will help you through the process of choosing what camera to buy that best suits your financial and shooting requirements. And included in the price will be a full year (or up to 20 photos) worth of online support from me for all the assistance you need following the course.
Interested? If so, fill in the contact form and send me a message. I will get back to you on any further details you may require.
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